GTA San Andreas Soundtrack (2015)

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Early last year the Xbox users received a double pack containing latest deliveries of the Grand Theft Auto saga that had triumphed notabilisimamente in PlayStation 2: GTA 3 and Vice City, a couple of titles that were greeted with a considerable delay with respect to deliveries for PC, not to mention the gap regarding the console Sony. San Andreas also has been slow to arrive, because it was very at the end of October 2004, but this time versions for Xbox and PC, very similar each other, come to us at the same time.


1. San Andreas Main Theme
2. Natalie’s Rescue
3. Caltech
4. Divorce Papers
5. Hoover Dam
6. San Francisco
7. Connecting the Dots
8. Emma’s Rescue
9. Escaping the Tower
10. Need a News Feed
11. Blake’s Trapped
12. Remembering Mallory
13. Coit Tower Destroyed
14. Skydive
15. Stanchion Collapse
16. Plan B
17. Tsunami
18. Extinction
19. The Kiss
20. I’ll Bring Her Back
21. I Love You Dad
22. Resuscitation
23. San Andreas End Credits
24. Style – Taylor Swift
25. Up On The Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur) – Robert Plant
26. California Dreamin’ – Sia
27. Archipelago – Quantic

Rockstar North is customary to take with great incognito its developments, something that made especially during the creation of San Andreas, giving information with dropper, and revealing is very close to the release date which would be one of its main features: San Andreas was not a city, but a State complete with their cities, villages, the countryside, the sea… an environment that let in ridiculous to the already on its huge cities of previous deliveries and, how no, the one of the other videojuegos-calco of the invention of these Scots (previously known as DMA Design, and, therefore, with much character in this scene). The next installment of GTA will be for PSP, Sony’s handheld, and is planned for within a few months, but as happened with this, just we have official information… and it is that, unfortunately, this GTA: San Andreas has lost the element of surprise for many of their players potential, as if they wanted to know something, have had many opportunities (and time) of reporting the title since we look for PS2.

San Andreas surpasses everything to his immediate predecessor, Vice City, a game with a brutal eighties atmosphere which is reproduced all the aesthetics of that decade in a setting that owed much to such classic television which is Miami Vice but, above all, highlighted by recreating the entire atmosphere of those years with a soundtrack to match the best cinematographic productions by offering a wide range of issues that introduced the player into the atmosphere of the period. But this environment warm and mafia has given way to a kind of homage to the West Coast U.S. (combining environments that we remember to several cities, as we will see) and has moved to settle in the hard years of 1990s, the Decade in which the bands became a real problem (pressing its activity greatly) in several areas of large American cities largely due to territorial disputes between marginalized ethnic groups.

In this context so we can locate Carl Johnson, the protagonist of this title, who returns to his town, Los Santos, who left five years ago to visit the tomb of his mother, who recently died in tragic circumstances, as has already happened with his brother Brian. At this time, the Ballas have conquered the territory his band, exhausted with his old friends, and his other brother – nicknamed Sweet – does not support that the only girl of the family has started a relationship with a chicano. Only could miss the agent Tenpenny, a corrupt policeman who has him well caught by being willing to falsely accuse him of having killed another policeman. All of this before you start playing…